Fishing at Le Moulin de Chez Brandy

Our private lake is available for guests to fish free of charge whenever they wish to do so. The lake is approx. 0.6ha (1.5 acre) in size and has a maximum depth of 2m. Fishing is possible from the dam end down to the shallows, but not on the woodland bank. The bottom is snag free, but the trees on the woodland bank do extend out, so care is needed when casting tight to this bank.

The lake was emptied in 2016 and de-silted before being refilled and restocked. We have kept some of the original Carp, Bream, Zander and Pike, and added Carp to mid 20lb from local waters where we know the owners and where the stock has a proven record of fast growth and good genetics. When available we have also stocked more roach, tench and some good sized bream. We have created an island in the lake with bridge access from the bank, and a second smaller island as a feature for casting to, and  to provide shelter for the fish.

There is a good stock of Carp and Bream in the lake, most of which have never seen anglers baits before, and complicated rigs and tactics are not really required. Please ask us in advance if you are proposing to bring your own tackle and bait with you – alternatively we have some of the larger items for the use of guests.

The lake is offered for the enjoyment of guests as part of their holiday. Whilst you will not catch a big carp by French standards, the mirrors and commons are in very good condition and you will not be disappointed as they take off up the lake!

We recommend the use of 2.75 to 3lb TC rods and appropriate reels and terminal tackle. Pop-ups and wafters can work well as can plastic corn or maize. Stay in touch with us before you arrive and we can let you know what has been caught and on which baits and methods, and also watch for news on our Facebook page. Float fishing can be a good method, but we do not recommend that you use light match rods and line unless you are very sure of your ability to land the carp.

We are more than happy to discuss and help with any aspect of fishing the lake, and the following rules are written with the safety and care of the fish as our primary concern.

  • Two rods maximum per angler.
  • No rods to be left unattended whilst lines are in the water.
  • No sacking or retaining of fish allowed.
  • Minimum of 12lb line for carp rods and 5lb when float fishing.
  • Braided main lines and lead core are not allowed. Rig tubing must be at least 300mm long to avoid cuts or damage to fish.
  • Barbless or micro-barbed hooks only.
  • All rigs must be safe, and no bent hook rigs allowed – if in doubt please seek our advice.
  • Please do not stand up to take photographs of fish – always hold fish over mats.
  • Please use antiseptic (Klinik or equivalent) to treat any cuts or damage.
  • No swimming or wading in the lake and no fires or BBQ’s.
  • No children under sixteen years of age to fish unaccompanied. Please supervise your children at all times as water can be dangerous and we cannot accept any responsibility for the safety of your children.
  • No nut baits to be used ie peanuts or tigers.
Mirror 27-8
Tench 4-3
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